Exhibiting Internationally with EP&M

In today’s globalized economy, exhibiting internationally is more than a trend. It’s a requirement for opening new markets and expanding internationally. EP&M specializes in helping companies exhibit worldwide – from Aachen to Zurich, we can help. We have completed successful projects at nearly 200 venues worldwide. We have long-term fabrication partners in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa, and have established EP&M India in order to make exhibiting abroad easier and more convenient for our customers.

Successful International Exhibiting

The biggest challenge for exhibiting overseas is logistics: Do you ship your own exhibit? Buy or rent an exhibit on-site? The answer depends entirely on your foreign trade show schedule, but usually it is far more cost-effective to rent or build in-country, taking advantage of local material and labor costs. Also, unlike the United States where most the exhibit components are fabricated off-site and assembled during the install, in rest of the world most of the exhibit is actually built on-site with power tools, wood, paint – the works. Experiencing a build up at a convention center is like watching a small city emerge from an empty concrete floor.

The advantages of working with an EP&M International project manager experienced in international exhibiting include:

  • Working with a U.S. partner who knows the ropes
  • Access to intimate local knowledge, as well as local resources, labor, and materials
  • Logistical experience, including freight forwarding, customs, carnets, etc.
  • Accurate and transparent budgeting in advance of event
  • Partnering with the award-winning exhibit and graphic designers on our staff

Take the fear out of exhibiting internationally! Take a look through some of our favorite overseas exhibits, and give us a call at 518.433.0043 – we’d love to advise you on your next adventure abroad.