An Investor's Road Show

Traveling exhibit to reach potential new investors

Trade shows provide a focused environment for face-to-face marketing on a grand scale, allowing you to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of prospects in a short period of time. The corporate road show offers a much more focused approach – an opportunity for you to take your goods and services directly to a select group of investors, prospects and customers. Like any special event, start by determining what your objectives are and what benefits you can offer your attendees. These goals help inform what you take on your traveling road show in terms of displays, AV and equipment, the personnel to deploy, who attends, where to go, etc.

EP&M is proud to have worked on multi-city tours that traversed the United States, but your road show doesn’t have to be grand or far-reaching. Banks, colleges and healthcare organizations could all benefit from visiting their prospects and customers on a regional or state-wide tour.

Check out the gallery below for images of a road show designed to reach potential investors.