Modular Trade Show Display Rentals

Why it makes sense to rent a modular display for your next trade show appearance

When planning for a trade show, you will often see the terms “modular display” and “portable” used interchangeably or together. But there is a difference. A portable display usually refers to one that can be easily transported and set up by one person. A modular trade show display can refer to many different sized systems, but typically the display is shipped and requires some labor to set up.

Reasons to rent a modular trade show display before you buy

If you are in the market to buy a modular display, you are probably aware of the investment it will take. EP&M understands that as well. That’s one of the reasons why modular rentals are so popular. It gives you the opportunity to see what different layouts of the system can do for you at trade shows around the world. By partnering with EP&M and renting a modular system, it’s also like having an extra display to utilize when you have more than one event to exhibit at for the same dates.

The best reasons to invest in modular trade show exhibits:

  • All parts of the system are well crated and designed to lower weight and size, reducing drayage costs at U.S. events.
  • Modular trade show exhibits are reconfigurable, so you can get different designs from the same exhibit elements.
  • Set up time for a unit is usually less than that of regular displays. The typical estimate is less than half a day for an inline booth, and a day for a 20 x 20 exhibit.
  • Modular exhibits are sturdy, long-lasting and generally have a lifetime warranty on the hardware.
  • Modulars are easily re-faced with new graphics, so it will always look fresh on on-message.

As you continue your research into whether a modular trade show display or portable display is right for you, contact EP&M International. Our experienced exhibit project managers have insights on the most reliable manufacturers, pricing and features and benefits. Our world-class designers will work with you to develop booth layouts and graphic options that will achieve your goals. Because the number one challenge with modular is finding a booth that works for your company’s needs at show site.

In the meantime, please view our photos of some of our favorite modular trade show displays we’ve worked on.