Solutions For Your Inline Exhibit Space

Buy or rent inline exhibits from EP&M

An “inline exhibit” is another one of those quirky exhibit industry terms: Meaning you have a standard size booth space measuring approximately 10 x 10; 10 x 20; 10 x 30; or the metric equivalents for outside the U.S. At the bigger shows, you’ll see these utilitarian booths lined up around the perimeter of the show – frequently, there is pipe and drape or simple metal structure defining the space. Outside the U.S., these spaces are often referred to as “Shell Schemes.” Just as often, these spaces are sold as packages and include a few basics, such as furniture (depending on the show organizer).

Just because these are basic, entry-level exhibitor packages, doesn’t mean your trade show booth can’t stand out. The most important way is in how you lay out your space and the graphic(s). At EP&M we provide inline exhibit solutions that fit every need, whether you are in the market to buy or rent.

Browse through the images below for ideas on how to make your smaller booth space look truly inviting to event visitors.