Hybrid Exhibits

Why a Hybrid Exhibit might be the best options for your trade show booth

A Hybrid Exhibit is another one of those exhibit industry terms that is wide open to interpretation. For our purposes, it’s any exhibit that combines systems or mixes older existing exhibit elements with other parts (usually custom made or from another manufacturer), creating a new hybrid exhibit. This happens for a couple of common reasons:

  • Exhibitors purchased a portable or modular booth package that mostly meets your needs but you still require some additional elements that manufacturer doesn’t make.
  • Exhibitors have some key existing display items they want re-worked into a new exhibit made with other materials

One of our most successful examples of a hybrid unit is the award-winning booth shown in the gallery below for A123 Systems. The client owned a nice custom made storage room that was basically a jet black 10 x 10 cube. That became the central structure, faced with 16-foot high EZ walls rented from EP&M, providing a stunning 10 x 16 foot fabric graphic on the front wall that features two screens side by side. The back wall held two more screens, mounted at foot-traffic eyesight with another graphic above on the back side of the wall. The rest of the cube was wrapped in vinyl graphics. The display table was also repurposed and refreshed with the bright orange color.

We invite you to browse the gallery below to see other instances of our hybrid exhibit work.