Inline Exhibits

Portable, easy to set up exhibit options for inline booths

Inline exhibit spaces come in standard sizes – usually in 10-foot increments in the United States and in three-meter increments outside the U.S.  EP&M has a tremendous amount of experience in designing smaller-size displays and booth layouts that make an impact. It’s important to think about design – even in a small space.  You want a layout that functions well for the booth staff, but more importantly, you want to eliminate any barriers between you and the show attendees. For example, we often see display tables right out front and the booth staff stands or sits behind it: That’s a barrier to connecting and engaging attendees. If you really need a display table, consider positioning one on the side, leaving most of the interior space open to welcome guests inside your space. Putting an interactive display front and center, facing passing visitors, is an excellent way to attract people and start a conversation.

Our advice is: Be bold, a modest footprint doesn’t mean your booth can’t stand out. Graphics, flooring and furnishings can all help elevate a portable display from simple to spectacular. Browse through the images below for ideas on how to make your inline exhibit booth look really inviting to visitors.