Portable Exhibit Sales & Rentals

Versatile display options for businesses of all sizes

At EP&M International, we work with a variety of portable display vendors – far too many to list here! Our access to a number of vendors (trade vendors that do not sell retail) gives you the chance to mix and match and explore endless possibilities when it comes to creating the best portable display for your business. And, since most manufacturers now produce and ship in 7-10 days (or less), you can rest assured that your portable display vision will come to life in time even when you’re on a tight schedule.

For those within driving distance of our Albany, New York showroom, we invite you to visit us. Otherwise, we encourage you to check out our Catalog of Rental Items, which includes everything from exhibits to accessories, and our gallery below, which shows just a few typical options and how our customers have used them.

Interested in finding out how our portable display options can meet your organization’s specific needs? Give us a call at 518.433.0043 or contact us online today. We look forward to getting the conversation started!