Cost-Effective Modular Solutions

What's a Modular Display?

You will often see the terms “modular” and “portable” used interchangeably or together, as in a portable/modular display. The essential distinction here is that a portable exhibit should be easy for one person to carry and set up on their own without tools. Whereas a modular system is typically weightier, probably crated, and most customers prefer to hire labor.

Rent before you buy

A modular rental from EP&M gives an exhibitor that’s thinking about investing an opportunity to “test drive” what they’re interested in. There are dozens of manufacturers of portable and modular displays – and they all have advantages and disadvantages. Renting from EP&M’s inventory is a good option for when you have multiple exhibit opportunities and not enough equipment to go around; you need to exhibit in a foreign location and want to avoid shipping or you’re just interested in a “test drive” before you invest in a system.

Here are the top advantages of modular exhibits:

  • Items are well crated and designed to lower weight and size, reducing drayage costs at U.S. events.
  • Modular exhibits are reconfigurable, so you can get different designs from the same exhibit elements.
  • Depending on the size and scale of your exhibit, setup is typically quick, typically less than half a day for an inline booth and a day for a 20 x 20.
  • Modular exhibits are sturdy, long-lasting and generally have a lifetime warranty on the hardware.
  • Modulars are easily re-faced with new graphics, so it will always look fresh on on-message.

Whether you are interested in portables or modular, contact EP&M International. Our project managers have an expert grasp on the most reliable manufacturers, pricing, and features and benefits. And, our designers will work with you to develop booth layouts and graphic options that will achieve your goals. Because the number one challenge with modular is finding a booth that works for your company’s needs at show site.

The gallery below showcases a few examples of modular exhibits for purchase or rent.