Design Strategy for Global Exhibit Schedule

Save money, gain synergies with worldwide leaders in exhibit designs

When an exhibitor’s show schedule spans the globe – and you want your exhibit to look similar if not exactly the same no matter the location – it’s tempting to think about shipping the display properties. However, it doesn’t make sense financially to ship a highly customized exhibit around the world – and it may not even be possible with a packed show schedule where it may be difficult to make each event with one display.

Generally, the best option is to rent materials locally. At EP&M, we pride ourselves on achieving consistency in fabrication and execution worldwide. Over the last 25 years, EP&M has developed trusted partnerships with local builders that ensure the exhibit looks just as good in Shanghai as it does in Chicago.

The gallery below showcases an entire year of exhibits for one client at the leading renewable events outside the U.S., taking place in the United Kingdom, Canada, Norway and Poland.