Interactive Kiosks

Custom terminals for deeper engagement with exhibit visitors

Touch screen kiosks are made up of three key elements: hardware, software and the casement. Developing content for the kiosk is by far the costlier part of the equation – although much can be adapted from a client’s existing content (video, facts sheets, product catalogs, etc.). EP&M’s capabilities are comprehensive. Our team of experienced AV planners and developers will work with you to identify the best technology solution. Some typical examples include:

  • Interactive touch screen program to deliver electronic literature
  • Interactive product/service catalog
  • Demonstration or deep dive into a process or technology
  • Lead capture/nurturing

EP&M offers several robust e-literature and lead capture programs exhibits can use to reduce the need for paper (more than 75% of which never makes it home with attendees) and increase the accuracy of leads captured at shows and events.

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