Interactive Displays In Corporate Environments

Remember that interactive display you developed for your last trade show: Where is it now? Too often, we see things created for one purpose and use when the beauty of content development is its longevity and versatility. Why not redeploy that interactive program in your lobby or customer application center?

Some businesses, especially large ones, are surprised to learn that many employees are unaware of what is being presented to customers at conferences, conventions and trade shows. An easy way to educate them is to bring what is presented and displayed at these events right to your workplace. And an interactive display typically doesn’t take up too much space, so finding a home within your corporate environment shouldn’t be an issue. Placement in the lobby or front desk area also allows those visiting your office (customers, partners, potential new hires, etc.,) a chance to view what’s new with your company in a very engaging manner.

Browse through the images below to see examples of content that works just as well on the trade show or convention floor as it does in the office environment.