Events in Special Locations

Turning any location into the right one for your event

There are many reasons businesses choose to pick special locations for company meeting, presentation, gathering or other event. Perhaps there’s a popular sporting venue be close to a trade show potential customers are attending; or a nightclub that provides the right size and atmosphere. Museums also make great venues, especially when there’s a scientific tie-in to your business or the museum is showcasing a hot, new exhibit that most trade show attendees would never have time to see.

Whatever the reason, to deliver an event that achieves all the goals you have set for it while providing a memorable experience for attendees is challenging. That’s where the event planning professionals at EP&M come in. We have years of experience designing, planning and executing events at locations all around the globe. And, EP&M would love the opportunity to be your corporate event partner.

Why choose us to plan your next event?

  • We work worldwide – wherever your corporate events plans take you, and whatever type of venue you are looking for, we can support you
  • We become part of your team – we will take on as little or as much of the project as you need
  • We have an excellent network of vendors around the world – staging, lighting, A/V support, décor features, props – we’ve worked with the best for 25 years
  • When you work with us, your event will become an experience

What to expect from our special location event services

We create events that are content-driven experiences, designed to help you meet your objectives and provide a memorable and informative experience for attendees. Just take a look at some of our best events that we’ve worked on recently. There are corporate events held in nightclubs, sports arenas and a wax museum, in cities from New York City to Kuala Lumpur. The options for interesting venues is endless. Keep in mind that if you’re hosting an off-site event while in a city for a trade show, the competition to find the coolest venue is heavy and requires long-term planning. That’s where event professionals with experience and resources can help.