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Today’s workforce relies on laptops, tablets and mobile phones – often simultaneously – to do their jobs. The value of mobile technology  – and keeping devices operational – is fundamental to productivity. So why apply old-school IT Support Solutions, such as the disembodied Help Desk, when optimum productivity and happy employees are so essential for a company’s success? Many tech companies, such as GE, Google, and Facebook, are embracing the concept of providing dedicated IT spaces where employees bring their devices for instant assistance.

We have completed or have in process more than 100 such spaces worldwide for a Fortune 25 company that has transformed not only where, but how, IT support is provided. Here are just a few of the impressive metrics achieved:

  • Verified satisfaction levels of 98%+, servicing 200,000 employees
  • $2 million+ in employee productivity gains annually
  • Comprehensive, real-time analytics

No matter what size space you have to work with or where you’re located, we can help. Let our TechHub experts demonstrate how we can connect, educate and create exceptional employee experiences that produce measurable productivity savings.