Corporate Event Services

We know the best places for a corporate party or business event in India. From a sophisticated event at a New Delhi embassy to a beach party in Kochi, we are the local experts for first-class support at all your company events. Event types include:

  • Customer Showcase or Open House
  • Interactive Experience Activations (such as Augmented Reality or Projection Mapping)
  • Factory/Facility Special Event
  • Press Conference
  • New Product or Service Launch
  • Shareholders, Investor or Other Presentations

Our event services include:

  • Site evaluation and RFP vetting
  • Graphic Design and Photo-Realistic Renderings
  • Scaled Floor Plans
  • Catering
  • Event Staging and Specialty Furnishings
  • Graphics, Signage and Other Decoration
  • Guest Registration
  • Entertainment Arrangements
  • Transportation
  • Hotel Room Block Recommendations and Negotiations
  • Specialty Corporate Gifts