EP&M Spaces

Customer Application Centers

EP&M International has completed content-driven experience centers for GE’s energy businesses worldwide. Similar to Executive Briefing Centers or other collaborative corporate spaces, the goal is to provide a solid platform from which to present the company’s portfolio of products and services in an environment that encourages visitors (from customers to employees to partners) to explore, touch and dive deeper into GE’s digital industrial present.

Where Does EP&M Fit In?

EP&M leads a highly-experienced, multidisciplinary team of planners, designers, content developers, videographers, hardware technologists, lighting design engineers and fabrication experts to create immersive customer application centers and corporate environments. Typical activities include:

  • Assembling, repurposing and evaluating content
  • Message crafting
  • Space design detailing
  • Architectural coordination drawings
  • Space planning, specialty finishes and fixtures specifications
  • Graphic and editorial services
  • A/V system design
  • Lighting design
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Software and hardware solutions for digital/interactive experiences
  • Mobile APPs that put the experience in the visitor’s hands
  • Ongoing system maintenance and remote monitoring
  • Visitor metrics and analytics to ensure follow up and evaluation of areas of interest and utilization

We have a collection of our best customer application centers below. The images in the gallery are from various locations, including Minden, Nevada; Billerica, Massachusetts; Campinas, Brazil; Seoul, Korea; and Stavanger, Norway.